The Rigel Report

The Rigel Report is an intergalactic talk show hosted by stars (celestial bodies, not celebrities). Rigel, Sirius, and Sun discuss the Milky Way’s current events, but often find themselves coming back to a peculiar planet called Earth.

Over the course of six episodes, the stars cover everything from the 2020 U.S. Election to Magic Mushroom Decriminalization. Because of their distance from Earth, they have a unique perspective on the ordeals facing the human race.




Rigel is the confident but clueless host of the show. He thinks he has the most informed opinion on every topic, but most of his guests tell him otherwise. Regardless, Rigel always makes sure that he has the last word.


Sirius might sound smarter, but he’s just as dense as Rigel. If Rigel’s Eric Andre, Sirius is Hannibal Buress. On most episodes, he introduces the show’s sponsors and chimes in with his opinions, only to get shut down by Sun. They don’t like each other very much.


Sun is the voice of reason. Because of his proximity to Earth, he knows much more about the current events that Rigel and Sirius are discussing. When he attempts to jump in with the facts, however, he’s overpowered by the other stars and often submits to their stupidity.


Making The Rigel Report →
How we shipped six episodes in six weeks.